Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bob Hair Cuts

Many celebrities sport bob styles with confidence on the red carpet. Bob hairstyles give charming looks without any hassles. There are many types of bob haircuts. They include layered bob haircuts, short bob haircuts, medium bob, bobs with bangs, angled bob hairstyles and very long bob cuts. Layered bob haircuts are very trendy right now. They suit anyone with straight hair. However, if you have wavy or curly hair, don't get a layered bob. Layers will make the hair look more puffy. Layered bobs are suitable for thin, straight hair. Short layers add volume while long layers add flow.

Traditionally, bob hair cuts were about chin length. Now, people are getting more experimental with bobs. Many people opt for short bob hair cuts. They look amazing on women with long necks and angular faces. More and more people are considering fringes or bangs for their bob haircuts. Bangs vary in length and longer bangs can look like fringes. Celebrities like Rhianna and Emma Watson have bobs with bangs.

Long bob haircuts are very graceful. The versatility of bob hairstyles makes the hairstyle very popular with people of all ages. 

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