Thursday, July 20, 2006

Medium length wedding hair styles

Wedding styles for medium length hair

Most wedding hair styles feature updos, partial updos or long and curly looks. More often than not you will not find many medium or short examples of hair styles for weddings.

To your left, you will find an example of a fantastic looking medium hair style. The style is an all over sort of wavy look. To create this style, you will need to apply a curl-enhancing cream throughout the hair. Blow dry the hair using a diffuser attachment and your fingers to shape the hair. For extra scrunching affect, gather the ends of the hair and scrunch them up in your palms, while blasting them with the hair dryer.

To create a more piecey look, apply some pomade throughout the hair. Finish off the style with a strong hair spray to keep the hair in place. This style will look great for a wedding, or even a formal occasion. It is so simple to create and it is not a style that you will need to be worrying too much about for the rest of the day.

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