Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

This spring and summer there will be many new and different wedding hairstyles to pick from. Some of these new styles include:

1. Loose chignon with curly tendrils of hair around the face and sides. This type of hairstyle has a certain 'undone' look to it with loose strands all over. Add tight pin curls to these strands for a very romantic look.

2. Long and smooth. Wearing your hair down and long for your wedding is always a great option. Dress your style up by adding some hair accessories, some highlights or soft waves throughout. Make sure your hair is extra shiny and soft for the big day. Do a deep condition several days before your big day and add shine serum to your hair after it has been styled.

3. Partial updos. These are always a great option for the bride that doesn't like her hair pulled completely up, but doesn't want her hair to look plain by wearing it down. Add curl to the hair that is pulled back in a ponytail, or clip on a pony fall for a fantastic and quick modern look.

Stay tuned for a top wedding hairstyles video for this spring and summer. In the mean time, check out the latest wedding hairstyles picture gallery.

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