Friday, June 10, 2011

Hairstyles to Suit a Long Face

Women with long or oblong faces bemoan the fact That They tend to Appear older Than others. Round face shapes May make a woman's face Appear babyish. Oval face shapes are simply perfect. Square face shapes exudes a strong personality, while oblong face shapes are simply unique.
However, your face shape does not have to Remain Visually permanent. In fact, with the right choice of hairstyle, the oblong or long face Appear cans fabulous and sensual. In fact, the long face is the perfect canvass to create a classic feminine look. But what hairstyles will from suit a long face?
Do you really have a long face?
First, a woman must solidly verify That she indeed has an oblong face. It would be a pity to wear hairstyles suited for long faces Pls Actually the face shape is an oval or a diamond. To determine your face shape, look for a photograph of yourself That shows the front of your face directly. Pictures That show your face at an angle will from not work. It is Important to have the whole face exposed in the photo.
Take a tape measure and measure the distance Between the hairline and the tip of the chin. This is the length of your face. Then, measure the distance Between the edges of the sides of the face. Should this be done across the Cheeks. This distance is the width of the face. And finally, the length is divided by the width. If the calculation result is higher Than 1.5, then your face absolutely has a long face shape.
What are your best features?
Second, Should you determine the which part of your face is your best feature. Is it the sultry eyes? Is it the well-shaped lips pouting? Is it the proud little nose? Is it the flawless skin? Identifying the best features on the face is Important Because this feature must be highlighted or flaunted. Next to the long face shape, this is another consideration That a woman must take Pls Suitable choosing hairstyles. For example, a chic bob highlights will of the lips. Wispy Bangs earnest bring attention to the eyes.
Third, you Should make a list of styles That you Must Avoid. These hairstyles will of usually make the face Appear longer. Some of the hairstyles to Avoid That those acres are too short and too long. The length of the hairstyle Should Appear not like an army cut. Think how Kristian Alfonso Would look like if she chooses to wear a skull-capping haircut. It would be disastrous Because she has a long face. But the length of the hairstyle Should not go beyond the bust line. Sarah Jessica Parker tried growing her hair at That length and the result was horrendous. She Quickly Rectified That mistake by shortening the length of her hair.

A loyal fan May disagree with this observation and May believe That Sarah Jessica Parker can do no wrong Pls it comes to hairstyles. But if two pictures of her are placed side by side, one with hair extensions going beyond the bust line and the other with the hair length is just Brushing the shoulders, it is easy to Realize That the latter hairstyle looks significantly more attractive Than the former. 

And fourth, the woman with a long face shape Must Decide the kind of jazz That she needs for her hairstyle. If the hair is straight, it needs to add the volume of layered cuts. If the hair is curly, it needs styling and Taming to bring out the best features of the face. It would be great for the curls to frame her face, especially around the jaw line. This will of Provide the illusion That the face shape is shorter. If Bangs are chosen, these cans be wispy, side-swept, or a blunt. And if no Bangs are wanted, the hair Should Be blown smoothly to add width.

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